The project was to provide mechanical and electrical engineering design for a complex of buildings for the City of Albuquerque including a 63,000 SF maintenance building for 125 buses and 35 Sun vans. This facility included Running Repair, Unit Rebuild, Paint and Body Shop, Upholstery, Parts Storage, Offices, Lubricant Storage, Chassis Dynamometer, Record Storage, Compressor Room, Front-end Alignment, and Frame Straightening.

design scope

This project included mechanical systems such as air lubrication delivery to all bays for ATF, 10w-40 engine oil, 5w-30 engine oil, and Hydraulic Fluid.  The compressed air system included a 200 hp screw compressor system with refrigerated dryers and air filters.  Mechanical systems included ventilation for each space, as well as emergency ventilation for CNG.  Heating utilized radiant floors to keep workers warm in winter, as well as evaporative cooling for the summer.  The Operations Building houses Customer Service, SunTran and Sun Van Operations Facilities and Information Services in a 13,500 SF area.

sq ft


Sun Vans



Vehicle Storage Facility

This facility provides weather enclosure for 112 buses and 32 Sun Vans. This facility provides for staked vehicles, four deep, with a minor amount at 5 deep, to minimize vehicle shuffling to access vehicles internal to the stacks.


Vehicle Fueling Building

This station includes 3 pull-through fueling bays for Compressed Natural Gas fueling at all bays and diesel fueling at one location. Part of this operation is an under vehicle check to determine any potential damage to CNG fuel tanks.


Vehicle Security Control Booth

This Control Booth allows visual surveillance of buses and vendor vehicles into and from the site. It contains master panels and boards for TV security monitors, security alarms, and fire alarm systems. The Control Booth is an integral and key component of the facility enclosure perimeter fence system. A separate access into staff parking is by controlled access arms at entry/exit points.


Compressed Natural Gas Facility

This facility receives natural gas and compresses it for transmission to storage canisters. From the canisters it is transmitted to the vehicle fueling station.


Vehicle Wash Facility

This facility includes an automated, 40-ft. vehicle bus wash bay, a SunVan wash bay, and support facility with water reclamation provisions.


Bus Fare Retrieval Facility

This facility is a vault-type structure where bus fares will be received and prepared to be moved to the existing Transit Department for accounting. The fares are received in individual bus metal vaults, dropped into a receptacle at the main vault, and packaged for Brinks Security transfer to other designated locations. A service yard and dock shall be provided at the Maintenance Building for vehicle parts, facility supplies, etc.

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